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Welcome! My name is Jimmy C also known as Tacodog plus a few other names. Thanks for stopping at my website.  I am a huge fan of slotcars and have been most of my life.  This site is dedicated to slotcars and the club I belong to, the West Suburban (Chicago area) Slot Car Association, WSSCA
I also race at the Dog Pound as well.  As the saying goes, "there's racing and there's Dog Pound racing.  So true!  You haven't raced until you've raced at the Dog Pound.

The Day I earned the name "Tacodog"



I hope you enjoy all the cool and unique slotcar stuff on here.  Emails and comments are welcome, as is any information or photos you would like to share. 
Be sure to visit often. I update this site on a regular basis.

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